Hiking with your baby

Hiking with kids is possible, it just requires more planning. It’s great to include children in all activities and it has many benefits:

  • It’s a different and entertaining way of improving the family bond. It’s an opportunity to disconnect from work commitments and the daily routine.
  • It has positive impacts on health and prevents overweight and obesity.

We just moved to Estepona and my husband and I thought that hiking would be a good way to explore the area a bit. Hiking can be practiced from an early age and it helps babies to become familiar with the various stimuli offered by nature.

There are a few options for carrying your child, and because our little one sits on her own well, we decided to purchase a hiking baby carrier. Another option are the ergonomic baby carriers that can be used for young children, including newborns. If you are not sure how your baby will react, you can try it out by going for a walk around your neighborhood. The more you use it, the faster your baby will get used to it.

Here are some simple tips to get the most out of this experience:

  • Start with simple trails that are safe and with little incline. That way the family will get used to the experience little by little. We chose a route close to home to avoid a long drive in case of emergencies. Once we progressively build more experience, we’ll increase the degree level of difficulty, distance and altitude.
  • Be careful with temperature changes. In the mountains the weather may quickly change from sunny skies to rain and low temperatures. It is difficult for babies to adapt to these changes.
  • Keep extreme caution when walking on snow or ice, as these act much like a mirror reflecting the sun’s rays.
  • Keep your baby in the backpack as long as possible and protect them with a sunshade. Also, do not rely on cloudy days for protection, as ultraviolet radiation still travels through clouds.
  • Use sunscreen lotion and apply it every two to three hours.
  • Increase the frequency with which your child is given water or juice to prevent dehydration.

I hope these tips help you and encourage you to go out and exercise with your family.

We are already preparing our next excursion!

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